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Knowledge is power, and the Sustain Our Abilities Learning Center features a host of information on climate change, health, and disability to empower the public – including you. The following SOA informational pages, SOA publications, and outside resources provide overviews of disability, climate, and health topics, plus in-depth research and analysis.

Our Learning Center will continue to grow as we produce more proprietary resources and as we add to our comprehensive resources library. Check back in to keep learning more!

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Intro to Climate and Disability


Our primer on climate change and disability includes the basics of climate change, connections to disability, and break-out pages on accessible adaptation and inclusive mitigation. This is a great place to learn the basics of one of the most important – and under-addressed – concerns of our time.​

Flood in settlements
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Resource Library


Our resource library features more than 170 websites and pieces of literature on climate change, health, and disability. It's broken into categories such as "Climate Change & Disability: General" and "Climate Consequences: Disasters, Migration, Poverty & Hunger," letting you do a deep dive into important topics.​

We always welcome contributions to our resource library. If you have any resources you think we should add to the library, contact us.


Everlasting Love


Everlasting Love covers the important topic of disability and sexuality. Its 40 episodes range from 15 to 40 minutes each and cover everything from healthy relationships to ways to open up one's sex life. While this isn't our usual climate, health and disability work, it covers an important and under-addressed aspect of life with a disability.

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