Our Story: Marcalee & Craig Alexander


I am a physiatrist and Craig is a rehabilitation psychologist. We met caring for persons with SCIs and have committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities, extensively studying SCI & sexuality.  We've served in many roles; Craig is a Past President of the Association of SCI Psychologists & Social Workers & I am a Past President of the American Spinal Injury Association.

We share a passion for the earth & believe we must all work collaboratively to address extreme weather, the effects of our unsustainable life styles, the massive loss of species that is occurring, and climate change. We realize inadequate attention is paid to the current & future impacts of extreme weather and how it will affect quality of life for persons with and without disabilities.

On June 21, 2019 we started a journey from Campobello Island where FDR summered as a child, to Key West, Florida. In the first part of the route, we walked to Washinngton DC, and realized roads in the US are not fit for walking. The only places with sidewalks are in towns and in front of commercial establishments. It is difficult for someone that is temporariliy able-bodied to walk, nevertheless someone in a wheelchair. One of our goals is to get people with disabilities to share their stories about extreme weather, therefore in the second part of our journey I plan to visit Panama City, the Carolinas, Florida, Houston and Puerto Rico to speak to people. We're also still planning talks and event and will still visit areas projected to be underwater by 2060 to encourage professionals, communities and persons with and without disabilities to work together towards a better future.


So please join us and let's make the world realize it's important to work together as a team regarding ensuring the quality of life of people with disabilities is optimized, despite climate change. And if you like us and getting older every day, realize this needs to be everyone's